SG; Middle East; Iraq

SG: The SG briefed the SC today from Ramallah where he reiterated his message from today’s earlier press conference in Tel Aviv with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to: “Stop fighting. Start talking. And take on the root causes of the conflict.” The SG will continue travelling this week to Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

SG; Ukraine; Middle East

SG: The SG arrived in Cairo today where he will meet with the Foreign Minister, President el-Sisi and US Secretary of State Kerry to promote the Egypt-initiated ceasefire in the Middle East. Spokesman Dujarric told reporters today that “the overriding messages that [the SG] brings is, first, that the violence must stop, and needs to stop now.”

SG; Ukraine; Middle East

SG: USG for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, announced the SG will travel to the Middle East tomorrow concerning the deteriorating situation in the region.

Middle East; UNRWA; Syria

Middle East: The SG welcomed the humanitarian pause negotiated by Special Coordinator Serry to allow civilians in Gaza to begin repairs on electrical and water infrastructure. WFP used the five-hour pause to deliver emergency food assistance to Gaza. The SG hopes the pause will lead to peace and a sustainable ceasefire.

SG; Middle East; UNAIDS

SG: The SG addressed the DR’s congress today and commended their efforts in achieving the MDGs. He also praised President Medina for his leadership surrounding the newly adopted law recognizing Dominican-born persons of foreign descent.

SG; Afghanistan; Middle East

SG: After meeting with a Haitian family affected by cholera, the SG expressed the UN’s commitment to ending the epidemic through projects such as the “Total Sanitation Campaign” launched yesterday to scale up sanitation and hygiene in rural areas.

SG; Syria; Libya

SG: Today the SG travels to Haiti to launch the “Total Sanitation Campaign” and inaugurate the “Sports for Hope” Centre. The SG will then travel to the DR to meet with Government officials and visit the country’s “Quisqueya sin Miseria” anti-poverty program.

Afghanistan; Middle East; Lebanon

Afghanistan: After meeting with President Karzai, UNAMA proposed an audit of Afghanistan’s polling stations at the request of both candidates in order to increase the credibility of the country’s election process following serious allegations of fraud.

Middle East; Lebanon; Saudi Arabia

Middle East: The SG briefed the SC this morning on the situation in the Middle East. He condemned the rockets fired from Gaza into Israel as well as Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza and warned of an all-out escalation if both sides fail to exercise restraint.