United States Faces the Human Rights Council Today

A couple of countries with more hostile relations with the USA took the opportunity to score some political points. But most of the conversation was not anything different from the kind of discussion you might find if Harold Koh were to discuss America's human rights record at a town hall meeting in, say, Denver.

Previewing the mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C. Next Week

Next week, Washington, D.C. is playing host to a summit on how mobile phone technologies can be harnessed to improve health outcomes in the developing world.  From November 8 to 10, experts from the world of technology, health, philanthropy and the government and private sector will converge for the mHealth Summit.

How Globally Minded Will the New U.S. Congress Be?

It is fair to say that today's election is not going to turn on foreign policy.  Still, the group of lawmakers voted into office today will have a set of global issues vying for their attention. So how does the slate of candidates up for election today fare on those issues?