Climate Change and Colombia

Climate change in Columbia is causing severe water shortages. As often happens, the poorest and most vulnerable people are the most affected. Check out this video from the UN about how the indigenous Wayuu people are struggling to maintain their livelihoods amidst ecological and political challenges.

U.S. NATO Ambassador Previews Summit

Two weeks from today, NATO is gathering for a major summit of its 28 member states, plus Russia. This morning, the U.S. Ambassador to NATO met with a few journalists in Washington, D.C. to preview the gathering.

Why Do Suicide Bombers Attack the UN?

Last week, a UN compound in Afghanistan was attacked by suicide bombers.  This marks about the seventh time since 2003 that the United Nations has been the target of suicide terrorism. I speak to Robert Pape, a leading authority on suicide terrorism about why the UN is emerging as a target.