Obama Receiving Daily Briefs on Sudan

Samantha Power says Obama is receiving daily briefs about the situation in the run-up to the South Sudanese independence vote. Further, the newly appointed deputy National Security Advisor is hosting at least three Sudan - focused meetings a week.

Whither Haiti Reconstruction Funding?

American funding for longterm Haiti reconstruction is held up in a bureaucratic logjam. Meanwhile, a UN official aptly describes the situation as "a humanitarian crisis the needs a development solution."

Will Macedonia Join NATO?

With a NATO summit coming up in Lisbon next month, this seems to be a good time to revive prospects that Macedonia may join the alliance. If only the Greeks would let them.

Two Thirds of Benin Under Water

Severe flooding hits Benin, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria.  Welcome to the next big humanitarian crisis.  But after Hait and Pakistan, will there be enough money for emergency relief for the region?

Super Typhoon Megi

One of the biggest storms in recent history pounded the Philippines today and is en route to southern China.  The United States is reportedly diverting military assets to the Philippines to help with humanitarian assistance and recovery efforts.