What the Chilean Miners Tell Us about the Limits of Compassion

Guest post from Harold Pollack:  It’s easy to get people to pay attention and to help 33 identified people who require a single dramatic rescue. It’s much harder to get the same level of attention and action when millions of people face larger, complicated, and chronic challenges after a mass disaster.

Humanity’s Biggest Achievement This Week

The Food and Agriculture Organization is confident that a cattle plague that ruined the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across centuries has been eliminated from the face of the earth.  Auf wiedersehen Rinderpest!

ICC Nabs Another Suspect

And another one bites the dust...except, there are far more suspects at large than there are behind bars.  In fact, it is a small miracle anytime the International Criminal Court is able to detain a suspect.

Happy Election Day

Election day here in the United States is still about one month away. But in New York today, the General Assembly is set to select new members of the Security Council for two year stints. UPDATE:  The results are in. UPDATE II: Canadian recriminations begin! UPDATE III: Canadian recriminations get personal.