UN Dispatch at NATO

I’m in Brussels for two days of briefings at NATO Headquarters and the February ministerial meeting. Have a question you would like me to ask at NATO this week? Post it in the comments on this post or tweet it to me @UnainKabul.

Asylum Abroad is Afghan Rape Survivor’s Only Hope

In a desperate bid to save her daughter from a life as an outcast, an imprisoned Afghan rape survivor agreed to marry her rapist. Now free, she should be offered asylum abroad. If left in Afghanistan, she will be at risk for torture, more sexual violence and murder.

Kabul, Ten Years On

It’s been 10 years since the start of the American invasion that toppled the Taliban regime and ushered in the current era in Afghanistan’s history. Here's the view from Kabul on a decade of hope and bloodshed.

Rock ‘n Roll Kabul-Style

Ready or not, Afghanistan is about to get its first regional rock festival. With tandem events in New York, Sound Central: The Central Asian Modern Music Festival kicks off tomorrow night.

Kabul Attacks: The Taliban’s Slow Siege

It's raining in Kabul now. Residents are struggling to separate thunder claps from explosions as the Afghan and international security forces finish off the remaining attackers and take stock of the lives lost and buildings damaged.