The European Commission released updated statistics about the numbers of refugees and migrants who tried to make their way to Europe in 2018, via the Mediterranean sea.

In all, there were about 134,000 migrant arrivals to Europe in 2018, which is actually a significant decrease from 2017, which saw nearly 180,000 arrivals. Spain was by far the biggest destination for migrants and refugees in 2018, having received some 60,000 migrants and refugees this year. This compares to nearly 46,000 in Greece and 23,000 in Italy.

Migrant Arrivals to Europe 2018

Source: European Commission

Migrant Deaths At Sea Also Decreased in 2018

The number of refugees and migrants who died at sea trying to reach Europe decreased in 2018 as compared to 2017. According to data from the European Commission, 2,160 people died trying to reach Europe in 2018 as compared to 3,129 deaths in 2017.

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Number of Migrants and Refugees Arrivals in Europe

An infographic from the European Commission


The European Commission released this data as delegates from over 180 countries, including most of the European Union, are meeting in Marrakech, Morocco to launch the new UN Global Compact for Migration. This compact seeks to create a platform for international cooperation around issues relating to international migrations.

To learn more about the Global Compact for Migration and how it may enhance efforts to confront the challenge of migration across the Mediterranean sea,  have a listen to this Global Dispatches Podcast interview with Alice Thomas of Refugees International.

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