Jesus, Mother Teresa and Gandhi Meet a Swedish Hipster. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next

Slacktivism gets a heavenly boost, via UNICEF-Sweden.

These videos serve an important purpose.

There are basically two ways UNICEF gets funded: from donor governments and from individuals ¬†or corporations who donate through their national UNICEF Committees. When Americans contribute to “Trick or Treat for Unicef” for example, they are actually donating to the US Committee for UNICEF, a tax deductible charity that passes the donations on to the mothership.

There are 36 UNICEF national committees and they play a very important role in keeping children fed, schooled, and safe around the world. Nearly a quarter of UNICEF’s $3.9 billion budget last year comes from national committees. The top national committee donor is UNICEF Japan, followed by France, Germany and the USA. ¬†UNICEF Sweden is the sixth largest national committee donor, contributing about $65 million last year.

So, have a chuckle, then pony up. UNICEF depends entirely on charitable giving to deliver humanitarian assistance to children around the world.


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