Matthew Lee and I square off once again. In the newest installment of Blogging Heads, we discuss the challenges facing UN peacekeeping in Africa, the bizarre Zoe’s Ark scheme in Chad, the Secretary General’s climate change efforts, Ambassador Bolton’s new book, Kosovo and more. You can also listen to the pod cast.

After a brief hiatus, Matthew Lee and I are back on Blogging Heads. Topics discussed include: the UN Day Grinches, Darfur, the UN in Iraq, Libya on the Security Council and the dilemmas of peacekeeper accountability. Enjoy.

In a new edition of Blogging Heads TV, Matthew Lee and I discuss a week’s worth of news at the United Nations. We have it all covered, from UN peacekeeping funding, to the tragic UNIFIL fatalities, to Somalia. Matthew offers an interesting perspective — he’s someone “on the ground,” blogging from the fourth floor of the UN Secretariat every day. While we certainly don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, he is an excellent sparring partner. Particularly enlightening to me was our discussion on equipment shortages at UN peacekeeping. Apparently, says Matthew, the truck carrying the Spanish peacekeepers in Lebanon was not equiped with a so-called “frequency inhibitor” which can prevent roadside bombs from detonating. As Matthew says, this is considered a “national issue” and Spain, not the UN, is responsible for providing their soldiers’ equipment. Watch the entire dicussion.

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