Selected summary of United Nations related news and events


Annan Urges All Sides to ‘seize opportunity’ of Northern Ireland Disarmament: “United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called on all sides in the Northern Ireland dispute to seize the “unique opportunity” offered by the decommissioning of weapons by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) to advance the 1998 Good Friday agreement laying out a framework for a peaceful and democratic settlement.”

Rice Arrives in Haiti for Visit Ahead of Elections

Tehran Warns Against UN Referral

Cocaine Is Killing Colombian Nature Parks

More Foreign Aid on Way for Indonesian Bird Flu Fight

UN Refugee Boss Says World Tackling Past Failures

UN: Governments must act promptly and effectively
on important human rights commitments in
2005 World Summit Document

Groups Promote Mideast Peace Via Youth

CO2 Storage May Minimize Climate Change

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