Why We Lie About Aid

A provocative new book examines the politics of the debate on foreign aid. Pablo Yanguas is a research fellow at the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester. He is the author of the new book "Why We Lie About Aid: Development and ...

World Humanitarian Day: The Plight of Aid Workers

Today is World Humanitarian Day, an international day established in 2003 to honor aid workers who dedicate themselves to improving the lives of others. But the day also reminds us of the 130 million people living in conflict settings today. Following the grou...

Tainted Gifts in Kind?

A controversy over World Vision's decision to donate unused tee shirts touting the Superbowl victory of the Pittsburgh Steelers (they lost) has sparked a big debate in the aid community.

Aid Work is Political: This is Not News

The debate over whether aid workers are angels, super-villains or mere mortals rages on. Linda Pollman and Philip Gourevitch are  firmly convinced aid and those who deliver it are the true monsters of our era. Here is why they are wrong.