Did Twitter Cost a Judge his Job at a UN War Crimes Tribunal?

The future of the Khmer Rouge War Tribunal in Cambodia is currently in danger, as is the outcome of ongoing and important Case 002, where the highest-ranking Khmer rouge cadres still alive are being tried—and much of the controversy is swirling around a newly-appointed investigating judge's fondness for Twitter.

Land Grabs in Cambodia

Human rights in Cambodia have gone from bad to worse in January, prompting Human Rights Watch to issue a damning report on the Southeast Asian nation's rights slide.

No Penance From Khmer Rouge War Crimes Defendants

The first three days of Case 002 of the Khmer Rouge trial have seen both a total lack of penance, and a dogged determination to deflect blame for the death of millions of Cambodians from defendants "Brother Number Two" Nuon Chea, former foreign minister Ieng Sary, and former Head of State Khieu Samran.