The 5 Biggest Health Impacts of Massive Hurricanes

The health impact of Hurricane really consists of two parts – injuries and deaths caused by the actual impacts of the storm and then the follow-on impact of the damage caused by the storm. The damage is what will really cause harm. Storm damage to property and...

Why We Need to Defeat Cholera

Access to safe water and basic sanitation has been on the U.N.’s books as a fundamental right since 2010, but there are more tangible reasons that inadequate access to sanitation is an issue.

The UN’s Big Problem in Haiti

The perception that the UN brought cholera to Haiti is now firmly embedded in the media narrative. Why that's problematic for the UN, the United States, and the Haitian government.

Haiti Cholera Facts and Figures

How bad is the cholera epidemic in Haiti?  According to official figures, since the outbreak three weeks ago, 1250 people have died from contracting cholera.  An additional 52,715 are being treated, and 20,867 people hospitalized.   Meanwhile, an international plan to fight cholera is less than 10% funded.