Podcast: The Wanjira Mathai Interview

Wanjira Mathai is a Kenyan environmental and civic leader. She is the chair of the Wangari Mathai Foundation, which is named after her mother who won the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize for her work on environmental justice. Much of Wanjira's work focuses on the...

Meet a 2015-er: Richard Fuller

"I think if you add up the number of deaths from air pollution, contaminated sites, and sanitation - these are the three main types of pollution - the total number is 8.9 million...a year. That means one in every seven  people who died, died from exposure to s...

Map of the Day: Africa’s Health-Environment Nexus

The United Nations Environment Program released a new report on the links between environment and health in Africa. This is a crucial connection to probe: diahhrea, malaria and respiratory infections account for about 60% of the disease burden in Africa, and these three issues are as much environmental as health issues

Happy Birthday, Clean Cookstove Alliance

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves celebrated its one year anniversary yesterday at a packed reception in mid-town Manhattan.  There were lots of notables in the room, but the real stars were the cookstoves. (Pictures)