The SDG Challenge: Q&A with Graca Machel

One of the exciting things about the opening of the UN General Assembly in the wide variety of politicians, activists and civil society organizations it brings to New York every year. This year, one of those activists was Graça Machel, an international activis...

India’s New Promises To Africa

During the Second India-Africa Forum Summit last week in Ethiopia, Indian Prime Minister Singh promised significant support for African development. We take a look at what Indian engagement in Africa is shaping up to look like.

What the Chilean Miners Tell Us about the Limits of Compassion

Guest post from Harold Pollack:  It’s easy to get people to pay attention and to help 33 identified people who require a single dramatic rescue. It’s much harder to get the same level of attention and action when millions of people face larger, complicated, and chronic challenges after a mass disaster.