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Obama’s foreign policy section

I'll leave deeper analysis of the speech to those more partisan, but, as a piece of rhetoric, it was one of the most complete convention performances I've seen. It's worth a watch regardless of your politics (or nationality). The foreign policy section begins about 28:55 in (ful text of this section after the jump). He makes the big call for energy independence in 10 years (which echoes Al Gore's call for clean power in a decade) and talks about finding Bin Laden, ending the war in Iraq, international terrorism, Afghanistan, Russia, and Georgia. He didn't delved deep into specifics here, but, near the end, we see what I hope will be the glue that holds together his foreign policy agenda:
But I will also renew the tough, direct diplomacy that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and curb Russian aggression. I will build new partnerships to defeat the threats of the 21st century: terrorism and nuclear proliferation; poverty and genocide; climate change and disease.
Let's hope we hear something similar out of Senator McCain next week.
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Call it “Resurection Wednesday”

Starring Bill Clinton and John Kerry
I would think that these two went a long way last night toward erasing any bad taste left in the mouths of Democrats after their recent campaign performances. Both speeches were rhetorically masterful. More importantly, they sold the foreign policy responsibilities of the next president. Clinton, who is gearing up for CGI (we'll be live-blogging), left these highlights:
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Tomorrow: Big Tent, 3 PM

The United Nations Foundation and the Better World Campaign (the sponsors of this blog) are hosting a panel discussion tomorrow afternoon at the "Big Tent" in Denver. The pollster Geoff Garin will present findings on foreign policy and national security "messaging" from his new report: Language for a New American Consensus on International Cooperation. The Washington Note's Steve Clemons will respond. Be there or be square.
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DNC Dispatch: Diplomats, Turner and Kasich

By Katherine Miller, executive director of communications, UN Foundation
Yesterday's convention headlines were dominated (and rightly so) by Sen. Ted Kennedy's moving display of personal strength and party loyalty, as well as Michelle Obama's touching portrait of her loving family. But behind the scenes there important discussions about climate change and global philanthropy taking place. The National Democratic Institute is hosting the International Leaders Forum, a series of events for the more than 1,200 foreign dignitaries who are here to witness Barak Obama officially taking control of the Democratic party and begin the final push towards Election Day. C-Span is featuring some of the video on its DNC hub.