A Booster Shot for Humanity

It did not make the front page of the Times, but a meeting in Berlin this week was arguably the single most important thing to happen on the planet yesterday. The occasion was a pledging conference for GAVI--The Global Vaccine Alliance. This is a 15-year-ol...

Goodbye, Meningitis

Starting Monday, Burkina Faso became the first county along the "Meningitis Belt" to begin a nation-wide vaccination campaign. And if it works, it will represent a brand new model for fighting neglected diseases.

Live Blogging: TEDxChange

From 10:45 am, a live blog of TEDxChange, hosted by the Gates Foundation.  Speakers at this morning's gathering include Melinda Gates, Graça Machel, Hans Rosling and Mechai Viravaidya. This event is an opportunity to take stock on the MDGs ten years in.