Haiti – Will We Get it Right this time?

Hurricane Matthew made landfall on Haiti yesterday. It killed several people, destroyed homes, roads, bridges, and rendered thousands of people displaced. The top UN official for Haiti says this is “the largest humanitarian event” in the country since the 2010...

Sandy’s Path of Destruction: How the United Nations Deals With Disasters

The wealthiest city in the most powerful country on the planet is poised to get hit by an epic storm. Things will be bad, but the city of New York and the federal government of the United States has the capacity and wherewithall to manage this crisis. But what happens when a storm or natural disaster of equally destructive magnitude hits a place that does not have that same ability to deal with a natural disaster?

Hurricane Isaac Bears Down on Haiti

Here in the USA, Isaac has mostly been met with chortles (from Democrats) about how the storm may disrupt the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida next week.  But this is a storm to be taken very seriously. It has all the markings of a an impending humanitarian catastrophe.