Confronting Mass Atrocities in Libya

Rights groups are coalescing around the idea that there must be some immediate action taken to stop the ongoing abuses--and that to deter future similar abuses, the international community needs to enforce some sort of accountability mechanism for individuals responsible for the slaughter.

Not all Good News From South Sudan

The man the International Criminal Court acuses of having facilitated the Darfur genocide by plying arms to militias allied with the Sudanese government may be doing the same thing in the Abyei region.

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What Changes with the Bashir Genocide Warrant and What Stays the Same

The International Criminal Court yesterday issued an arrest warrant for the crime of genocide for Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir.  Now, you might be asking yourself: "wasn't he already under indictment." The answer is yes. But when the prosecutor applied for an arrest warrant in spring 2009, the judges did not sign the warrant for "genocide"--only for war crimes and crimes against humanity.  At the time, the judges ruled there to be insufficient evidence to support a genocide charge.  An appellate chamber reversed that ruling.