UN Dispatch Interviews Ted Turner

I interviewed United Nations Foundation founder, media and restaurant entrepreneur Ted Turner at the RioPluSocial last week. We discussed how sustainable development has changed since the first Rio Summit in 1992; how the media can keep sustainable development in the forefront; what global issue keeps him up at night; and, of course....Captain Planet.

Talking Iran Diplomacy…Join Us Tonight

I am moderating a conference call about Iran diplomacy, with former US Ambassador to the UN Thomas Pickering and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Dean Dr. Vali Nasr.  The call is being hosted by the United Nations Association of the United States at 6pm EST tonight. You are invited!

Seven Billion: What Does it Mean?

The UN Population Division projects the planet will see its 7 billionth person born today.  I spoke to William Ryerson about what that kind of population growth means.  Mr. Ryerson is the founder and President of Population Media Center, Chairman of Population Institute, fellow at the Post Carbon Institute and recipient of the 2006 Nafis Sadik Prize for Courage.

Seven Billion: What Does it All Mean?

I caught up with Maureen Greenwood-Basken, director of policy initiatives for the women and population program at the UN Foundation to discuss the significance of today's milestone and what it means for the over 200 million women around the world who are denied access to family planning.