UPDATE: Mubarak Not Actually Stepping Down

UPDATE:   Very fast moving events in Egypt today.  Hosni Mubarak said that, in fact, he will not step down.  Nothing much has changed since the previous announcement that he will not run for re-election in September.  The crowds in Tahrir square appear very displeased.

How the Egypt Uprising is Viewed in Southern Sudan

In hotel bars and restaurants across Juba, near-constant coverage by Al Jazeera English of the fast-moving events in Egypt over the past two weeks has inspired conversation among southerners about the possible ripple effect of the impassioned uprisings.

Biggest Protests Yet in Tahrir Square

Despite the Egyptian governments best efforts at co-opting the protest movement, the crowd in Tahrir square is as big as it has been since the #jan25 protest began.  Bonus: a new hop hop anthem for the global #Jan25 movement.