How Europe is Making the Refugee Crisis Even Worse

As Greece continues to capture headlines over the most recent economic bailout and its potential to still derail the Eurozone, another crisis is unfolding in the country. As thousands of refugees pour into Greece in search of the safety of the EU, their number...

Expanding NATO

One thing that will not be decided on in Chicago today is expanding NATO membership. Four countries have been on the short-list since 2008: Macedonia, Georgia, Montenegro and Bosnia and the Chicago Summit's outcome document is full of supportive words for their membership, but no action.

Will Macedonia Join NATO?

With a NATO summit coming up in Lisbon next month, this seems to be a good time to revive prospects that Macedonia may join the alliance. If only the Greeks would let them.

Pedantic Name Dispute Makes its Way to the General Assembly

One of the most inane international disputes today is over the name of a country that is referred to in official documentation as "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, (FYROM)."  Understandably, the government of this country prefers to simply be called, "The Republic of Macedonia." (Who wants to be associated with Yugoslavia, anyway?)