Malaria bednet

Humanity Can — and Will — #DefeatMalaria

Believe it or not, humans are winning the millennia old fight against Malaria. Last year about 500,000 people died from the disease, mostly in sub-saharan Africa. Fifteen years before that, the death toll was about double that, and the geographic reach of mala...

Inside the Winning Fight Against Malaria

Humanity is winning the fight against Malaria. Since the advent of the Global Fund, the Millennium Development Goals and the President's Malaria Initiative, death and illness rates have dropped precipitously around the globe. Now, talk of total worldwide eradi...

Fighting Malaria in Liberia With UNITAID

Malaria is by far the biggest killer here in Liberia. The entire country – from Monrovia city center to the border regions — is considered malaria endemic.  Prevention and treatment of malaria is among the country's most pressing public health challenge.