Elections and Violence in Nigeria

Young men and boys took to the streets in several Nigerian cities, determined to protest the emerging results of Saturday's vote, which--though not yet made official at that time--indicated the victory of "accidental incumbent" president Goodluck Jonathan.

Scenes From Nigeria’s Elections

KADUNA, Nigeria–The hundreds-strong crowd of young men–the same “ready army” often used by opportunistic Nigerian politicians to rig past elections–tensed, momentarily surged, then broke into rowdy cheers, satisfied with the result of a dispute during the ballot counting process

A Fitful Start to Elections in Nigeria

In the twelve years since Africa’s most populous nation transitioned from military dictatorship to civilian rule, the three elections held have been far from democratic exercises—instead, they have been flashpoints for violence, igniting communal tensions across the country and disenfranchising large numbers of voters.

Mass Poisoning Kills 400 Children

The UN confirmed reports from NGOs and local activists that at least 400 children have died from lead poisoning related to gold mining in a Nigerian province. Just one more testament to how economic depravity seems to always hit children the hardest.