Palestine Will Get Upgraded Status at UN. Then What?

Later this month, the Palestinians will ask the UN General Assembly to upgrade their status at the United Nations to become a non-member observer state.  This would put them on the same membership level as the Vatican. It would not change very much about how the UN operates.

Palestine Seeking Observer Membership Status at UN

The Palestinian Authority is making waves at the United Nations over its status for the second year in a row. The Palestinians may opt to bypass the U.N. Security Council entirely, taking its claim to the General Assembly's 193 Member States.

5 Stories to Follow During UN Week

UN Week is here. Soon, world leaders will descend on Turtle Bay for the annual ritual of speeches, press conferences and back-room wheeling and dealing. Here are the top five stories on the agenda this week in New York. They are ordered not in terms of importance, but in descending order of likely media interest.