Wash Your Hands!

Yesterday was Global Hand Washing Day. Before you scoff at yet another "International _____ Day" consider this fact: diarrhea and respiratory tract infections are by far the biggest killer of children around the word.

Progress in Fighting Pneumonia

Good, basic, medical care will save kids’ lives. We knew that already, but an exciting new study in The Lancet makes it extremely clear. According to a new study conducted by Save the Children, “Children treated at home for severe pneumonia by Pakistan’s “Lady Health Workers” were more likely to recover than children referred to health facilities.”

Thinking About Clean Cookstoves on World Pneumonia Day

It certainly does not get the same kind of attention as diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria or Tuberculosis, but Pneumonia is no less ravishing on the people that it infects.  But there is one solution in the works that may transform the fight against respiratory illness.