Let’s Talk About Menstrual Hygiene

Ed note. This is a special guest post authored by Thorsten Kiefer and Gabrielle Fitzgerald. Thorsten Kiefer is founder and CEO of WASH United, a Berlin-based non-profit organization that works to end the global sanitation and hygiene crisis. Gabrielle Fitzgera...

Top 10 Global Health Milestones in 2012

PSI Impact magazine, for which I am a contributor, asked its readers to nominate 10 great global health moments of the past year, then asked experts write profiles of each milestone.  This list will lift your spirits.

Maternal Deaths: A Preventable Global Tragedy

Imagine a cruise ship full of women sinks every day for the rest of the year - killing nearly 1,000 women per day.The sad truth is that a tragedy of this magnitude does happen every day. Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy

Watch Live! London Summit on Family Planning

There's a big-deal conference underway in London right now with representatives and leaders from scores of developing and donor countries and top NGOs and philanthropies. Their collective goal: bring modern family planning services to the 220 million women in the developing world.