Map of the Day: Where You Can Find a Toilet

Where to find the nearest toilet is a matter of convenience in some of the world. But for millions of people it is a matter of profound consequence to their health and well being. A just-released report from UNICEF  and the World Health Organization offers new...

A Disgusting Fact about Toilets

  Picture an enemy that almost exclusively kills children. Well, sometimes it kills children. Sometimes it just maims them by depriving them of nutrition, damaging their brains, and keeping them from growing to their full height. This enemy kills 800,0...

Not on A-1: Toilets in India, Or Lack Thereof (Video)

Nearly half of India's 1.2 billion people don't have access to toilets, especially in rural villages. The lack of sanitation is the cause of one in every ten deaths. With help from the World Bank, the Indian has introduced a sanitation campaign called 'No Toilet, No Bride', to educate villagers about proper waste disposal.


Why We Need to Defeat Cholera

Access to safe water and basic sanitation has been on the U.N.’s books as a fundamental right since 2010, but there are more tangible reasons that inadequate access to sanitation is an issue.