From the Social Good Summit: If Jan Karski Had Twitter…

In the midst of World War II, Polish Underground member Jan Karski was traveling throughout Europe and to the U.S., trying to convince with political leaders like President Franklin D. Roosevelt to intervene on behalf of Jews being slaughtered in the Holocaust.  No one wanted to help.

From the Social Good Summit: Uniting the Diaspora on Social Media

The African diaspora has had an enormous impact on the continent in recent years. As doctors, nurses, lawyers and engineers have left their home countries, their skills have gone with them. But although those emigrants may have moved thousands of miles away, they are still very much tied to their homelands.

Social Good Summit Kicks Off in New York

The UN Dispatch team is covering a host of conferences in New York City this week,  including the Social Good Summit which kicked off today.  If you are in New York, come by to the 92Y and say 'hi.'  If you are anywhere else in the world, you can follow the conversation online.