An Act of War Between Sudan and South Sudan

Some disturbing developments along the frontier of the world's newest country, the Republic of South Sudan. It would appear that the Sudanese airforce violated south Sudan's airspace and bombed a refugee camp near the border.

How the Egypt Uprising is Viewed in Southern Sudan

In hotel bars and restaurants across Juba, near-constant coverage by Al Jazeera English of the fast-moving events in Egypt over the past two weeks has inspired conversation among southerners about the possible ripple effect of the impassioned uprisings.

Now that the Southern Sudan Referrendum is Over…What Next?

It will be a new struggle for the new country’s leaders to forge a path that includes not only those groups who fought in the war but also those people who were born in refugee camps in East Africa, who grew up in Nebraska, who studied at Oxford and who drive motorcycle taxis in Juba.