Scenes From Voter Registration in South Sudan

Today was a historic day for Southern Sudan. Across the vast, underdeveloped, France-sized region, southerners lined up to register to vote in the January self-determination referendum. Here is what that looked like in one town.

What Referendum?

Visits to remote areas of Southern Sudan make it difficult to imagine how Southern Sudan’s new status as an independent country will immediately change the lives of cattle keepers and farmers across the south.

Unanswered Questions from Sudan’s Dividing Line

RENK, Sudan--In the northernmost point of Southern Sudan, the challenges facing the south as it looks toward independence are starkly evident, but not in the way I imagined before arriving in this surprisingly developed and bustling town roughly 30 miles from Sudan's north-south border.

Worst Case Scenario Not Likely in South Sudan

Nicholas Kristof, and advocates like George Clooney, deserve great credit for using their considerable platform to highlight the struggles of the Sudanese people. But portraying South Sudan as a "ticking time bomb" does not reflect reality I see here every day.