Syria Denies UN Team Access to Site of Massacre

After promising Ban Ki Moon that he would let a UN team into the city of Deraa to investigate claims of a massacre, Syrian President Bashar al Assad has has reneged on the deal. In fact, according to several news sources, of Syrian tanks and soldiers are heading to the Deraa region, guns a-blazing.

A Massacre in Syria

There is word leaking out of a massacre perpetrated by Syrian authorities in the town of Deraa, which has been a hotbed of anti-government protests.  Syrian forces moved into the town about 10 days ago, and since then have been reportedly using snipers to pick off protesters and heavy artillery to punish entire neighborhoods.

Violence and Revolt in Syria

It's a Friday. For regimes struggling to hold onto power in Middle Eastern autocracies, that means massive protests.  As expected, the suppression of people petitioning their government with a redress of grievances has taken violent turn.