Totally Drug Resistant TB

Tuberculosis has now gone from probably the most dangerous infectious disease in the world to definitely the most dangerous infectious disease in the world.

Fighting Urban TB in Bangladesh

Everyday, millions of people who live in tightly cramped quarters pack into overloaded buses to work in a garment factories.   This makes for a perfect breeding ground for TB.

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Why Tuberculosis Terrifies Me

If there is one infection that terrifies me, it’s tuberculosis. Not AIDS, not influenza. TB; it keeps me up at night. It has the capacity to devastate our planet in ways we can’t even imagine yet. Tuberculosis is the single worst pandemic our planet has every faced. It has every characteristic of a superbug. Tuberculosis spreads through the air, and it mutates quickly into drug-resistant forms. It’s not bound by any animal or insect vector and it's not bound by climate conditions.