The Obama Agenda at the United Nations

President Obama's official agenda for the UN Summit will be released sometime on Friday. On Wednesday, at an address at Johns Hopkins School, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer gave a thematic overview of the issues and messages that the United States will be pushing next week.

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Hillary Clinton: “We are constantly reminded of the UN’s Value”

Hillary Clinton delivered a sweeping speech on American global leadership earlier today at the Council on Foreign Relations.  There is a lot of love for the UN in there.  The following excerpt appeared under the sub-heading: "Global Institutions for the 21st Century."

Effective institutions are just as crucial at a global level, where the challenges are even more complex and the partners even more diverse.

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UN Budget 101

Our friends at the Better World Campaign put together a helpful primer on how the United States pays the United Nations and its agencies. To accompany it, they organized a Q and A with the Better World Campaign's executive director Peter Yeo who answers questions about the UN's budget process.

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Susan Rice at the Holocaust Museum elaborates on U.S.-Sudan Policy

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted an event last night with Susan Rice, which was billed as a conversation about genocide prevention and timed to the one year anniversary of a high-level report on the topic.  The Q and A was not earth-shattering, but her fluid articulation of the challenges facing the United Nations and the United States in confronting genocide and mass atrocity did re-enforced every positive bias I have toward my UN