American Consumers Aren’t Buying Climate Action

A few high-profile American executives shared their perspectives on sustainable business. They offered a first-hand view of government shortcomings, the powers and limitations of private sector action, and the role US citizens have played in stymieing the global climate talks.

The Obama Agenda at the United Nations

President Obama's official agenda for the UN Summit will be released sometime on Friday. On Wednesday, at an address at Johns Hopkins School, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer gave a thematic overview of the issues and messages that the United States will be pushing next week.

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A Peek Inside the Obama Administration’s MDG Strategy

The UN Development Program held a panel discussion in the Millennium Development Goals at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC this afternoon.  What made this gathering particularly interesting was the presence of two representatives from the USAID, Thomas Beck and Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, who in their opening remarks gave the audience a peek inside the yet-to-be-released Obama administration strategy for meeting the MDGS by 2015.  

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Israeli Raid on Gaza Flotilla Not Much of a “Turning Point” in US-Israeli Relations

Last night, the United States agreed to the passage of a Security Council "Presidential Statement" on the violence aboard a Gaza bound flotilla raided by Israeli commandos.  Is this the "tipping point" in U.S.-Israel relations that Digby and other may have been predicting?  

The Security Council statement on Israeli peace flotilla raid Security Council seems to say three things. 

1) It condemns the raid.