UN Week General Debate, Day 4: Who Speaks When

After three days of high octane, big name speeches, the fourth day of the General Debate comes as a bit of a time to take a breath. Today's line-up is short on Heads of State, but there are still plenty of Heads of Government and many voices that you won't get much opportunity to hear outside of the General Assembly.

UN Week General Debate, Day 3: Who Speaks When

The General Debate marches on today, giving us another opportunity to provide a rundown of speakers for you. Thursday has some marquee addresses in the morning session, including a pair separated by only one name on the list that will draw the vast majority of the attention today.

Mali: Imminent Intervention, Uncertain Future

The question of a military intervention in Mali is a hot topic at this week's UN General Assembly. Mali was profoundly destabilized by the coup which toppled their president in March, and insecurity in the region is making things worse. It's now time for coordinated, international action.

UN Week General Debate, Day 2: Who Speaks When?

Yesterday's article giving a rundown of when world leaders came to the rostrum of the General Assembly proved popular enough that we're going to keep the series going throughout the week. Wednesday's speeches include some of the most highly anticipated of this year's session.

UN Week General Debate, Day 1: Who Speaks When?

Though the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly officially opened last week, when most people think of the annual UNGA it's this week that comes to mind. General Debate starts on Tuesday, the time when Heads of State and Government from around the world converge on Turtle Bay to speak their minds.